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Hoang Phuc, founder and CEO of RayNEXT

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I love the productivity tools, it helps us do things faster and saves a lot more time.

In 2015, I am 14 years old, there were many platforms that created websites such as Wordpress, Blogspot, Shopify, etc nearly every field was available except educational one.

I saw my teacher made fuss of a lot books to find document, losing track of managing the records, lecturing and revising a problem many times ... I wish there were an application that helped teachers do it faster and better. At this point, there is Moodle, the world's largest open source E-Learning, but you have wasted so much time, effort and money to configure, install, edit, fix ... to use it but not all teachers can do it. I decided to change this - I built RayNEXT.

RayNEXT is the newest way to work, you are completely active in the job, scheduling and controlling everything. I know not only my teachers are having this problem, every teacher is experiencing it. Therefore, we are working hard to improve, grow and expand RayNEXT to help millions of teachers around the world. Free yourself from the awful mess of dozens of tasks.

Try RayNEXT! I'm sure RayNEXT will improve your teaching and save a lot of time.

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