RayNEXT is shutting down

I’m sad to say that I'm shutting down RayNEXT on March 28th, 2018.

I have spent the last two years building RayNEXT, putting lots of time, sweat and tears into it and slowly turned my dream into a reality. I am grateful for having had Dai Nguyen and Indie Janitor since the beginning, all the time, through ups or downs. Thank you guys and thanks to Khang Tran, Ngoc Le, Melchoir Philip and Leo Bassam for your help!

While building and launching RayNEXT, I all have met cool people, made new friends and had interesting conversations with customers. I learned how to set up a business. These are things I can't learn at school. It gives me pleasure, sadness and experience. It's my 2 most memorable years.

Thank you to everybody, I’ve met during my journey, to everybody who believed in me, supported me and gave my app a try.

While I’ve made people excited about the prospect of solving LMS. I have ultimately failed to achieve product/market fit. It’s time to accept the truth and to move on.

I'm sorry you, Truc Nguyen. I have had negative thoughts due to work pressure and I'm slowly getting rid of them.

Again, thank you everybody.

-- Phuc, Maker