One app to manage your entire teach

Bring all your course, exercises, classes, files and more into one centralized platform. Designed specifically for teachers and tutors.


Chatbot (Comming soon)

The chatbot platform connects to the exercises, which helps students do and submit them quickly and directly on facebook.

No more reason to forget to bring the book. With a phone, students can always submit the exercises on facebook quickly and easily.

Dai Nguyen

RayNEXT Chatbot (Comming soon)


Include separate topics and lectures to help you categorize your knowledge effectively

Learn how to organize your courses effectively, store and sync all documents from Google Drive, Gmail to the course quickly.

Dai Nguyen

RayNEXT Course


Compose exercises, add keywords to classify exercises. Mark and control the work of the whole class.

No need to bring along a load of paper . Just with a computer, I can mark and test you everywhere.

Dai Nguyen

RayNEXT Exercise

Organize classes

Help you stay focused on your work and follow the lesson plan. Organize separate classes, connect to courses, exercises and all materials in one place.

Everything follows the lesson plan, which helps you work more effectively and manage well of all classes.

Dai Nguyen

RayNEXT Organize classes

Manage the students

No need to search for information through books. All information students need is gathered in one place, giving you quick access to your records.

I can honestly say it is a crazy good tool. I'm certain it will improve my teaching management, save a lot of time.

Dai Nguyen

RayNEXT Manage the students

Finally, everything in one place